3 top qualities to look for in an auto electrician

3 top qualities to look for in an auto electrician

In the last few years, electric systems have become more and more important in most cars.

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Way back in the 50s, just 1% of the value of a car came from electric components. Typically you’d be powering a few lights, and perhaps a radio. These days, electricity powers around 40% of an average car. This doesn’t even factor in the rise of fully electric cars, which made up 11% of the new market in 2021. Electricity can power everything from the obvious, like lights and automatic windows, to things you perhaps wouldn’t always expect, like engine control units, ABS and power steering.

A specialist auto electrician focuses on repairing any electrical component in your vehicle. But, finding a good one can often be hard work. Here’s a few tips on what to look for when you hire one

Do they communicate well?

Auto electric work is complex. Most of us aren’t able to understand the vast array of systems and diagnostics required to get a car up and running, otherwise we wouldn’t take it to a garage.

But, given the importance of electric components in the running and safety of your car, it’s vital any professional can communicate properly with the customer. They should be able to explain any issue to you in layman’s terms, and give you a good idea of the next steps required to fix the problem. Without this, you may find problems recur, or you could even end up charged for unnecessary work.

Do they have the right equipment?

When you visit the garage, does it look like a professional place of work? You may not know what everything does, but it’s important to take a look around and ensure the garage looks to have the right set up to service your car. They should also be able to explain what equipment they will use to fix your problem. Auto electric repairs are not really for amateurs, and you should expect your professional to have the latest tools, or to be able to order in stock where required.

Do they have references?

Our final tip, but an important one. Get recommendations on an auto electrician from your friends and family. Or, failing that, check online to see who is reviewed well in your local area, or top of the lists on Google. Often a quick search online will give you the reassurance you need that you’re getting a quality service.

We hope you’ve found our guide useful to find the best auto electrician for your needs.

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