eCU Repair Sheffield

Need an ECU Repair in Sheffield? We can identify any issue that may be preventing your car running properly. Your ECU may be impacting one of number of areas, including but not limited to transmission, air bags, ABS, engines and comfort features.

Whatever issue you believe is at play with your ECU, or even if you’re just not sure what the fault is, we have the best modern equipment, and plenty of expertise to help out. If you come to us, we hope to not only save you time with efficient diagnostics, but also give you value for money and peace of mind with any repairs too. 

The reality is that today’s cars have many ECUs, with some commercial ones  holding up to 40(although some specialist vehicles have up to 150!). As a result, the vehicles continue to become more complicated and sophisticated as years pass, meaning we as drivers are more reliant on them than ever before to get the smooth driving experience we all expect.

ECU Repair Sheffield

Take a look below at the some of the things Auto Electrician Sheffield can test and repair, related to your ECU:

Types of ECU Repair in Sheffield

Transmission ECU

The TCU, or transmission control unit is used in automatic vehicles. It has a range of sensors in the vehicle that get delivered constant info from the engine control unit. This is used to tell the car when to change gears at the optimum time. It’s crucial for the car, to ensure the efficient use of fuel and the best driving experience. If this goes wrong you could experience very poor gear changing and you’ll certainly not get the most comfortable driving experience on the road.


The anti lock breaking system is made up of a motor, modulator block and the engine control unit. Each part has an important role in your vehicles breaks. The pump is always housed in engine bay, but it doesn’t always have to be leaking for something to go wrong. Don’t worry though, we can test the ABS for you, while it’s inside the inner workings of your car.

Body Control Module

This is a control system designed to monitor and control a range of electronics within your vehicle. Typically it powers a lot of the extra bits and pieces that you might not think about, such as windows, air con, the wing mirrors, and central locking. This control module talks to other parts of the car, via something called the CAN bus system. 

Airbag ECU

An important one. The air bag unit is a vital piece of kit in any modern vehicle. The module dictates when to deploy the vehicle airbags by consistently sending and receiving data from the vehicle engine. If a crash happens, that fits the correct requirements, airbags are deployed. If it’s not working as expected, that may not happen, meaning drivers and passengers could be at risk.

Throttle Body

The throttle body is crucial to the running of a vehicle. Engine power is dictated by the throttle body, which restricts the inlet gasses. Most modern versions are controlled by an vehicle’s ECU, which can lead to a potential error.

Digital Dash

The digital instrument panel typically includes a speedometer on a digital display, rather than your older dials and gauges. 

For any ECU repair in Sheffield, or simply if you have any concerns, don’t hestitate to contact us via phone, or by requesting a callback.