Auto electric Repair Sheffield

Auto electric repairs are often some of the trickiest jobs garage’s take on. So, it’s crucial you opt for an expert in this field. 

Auto Electric Repair Sheffield

A lot of the time, diagnosing an issue can take a lot longer than a repair job. Vehicle wiring and electrics have increased in complexity as years have gone by, but sadly they’ve not become more reliable. This is largely due to the fact that there is a consistent drive from manufacturers to reduce their costs. This cost saving is by no means only at the lower end of the vehicle market, with well known luxury models like BMW and Mercedes utilising similar approaches.

In some ways, mass produced brands like Ford or Peugeot are just as reliable as the high end options like those mentioned above. Basically, all cars nowadays are becoming intricate PCs on 4 wheels. 

Expert auto Electric repair in Sheffield

Don’t worry though, if you think you need an auto electrician in Sheffield, we have the know how and best equipment to identify and fix most of the electrical issues your car might face. From a basic wiring fault, to full diagnostic investigation and ECU repair.

For many people, they might not be too sure what could be considered an auto electric problem. If that’s the case, don’t worry, as we’re here to help. Has something stopped working in the car, like your lights or windows? Has a warning light or fault code appeared, but you’re unsure why? These are likely issues that should be tackled by an auto electrician.

Some of the type of work we tackle includes:

  • Electric windows that have stopped working
  • Diagnostics for various systems like your ABS, or ECU (engine control unit)
  • Drained batteries and broken fuses
  • Dashboard fault codes or dashboard instrument issues
  • Comfort controls like heating and air con problems.
  • Vehicle lighting issues, such as lights not working, or being too bright or too dim.
  • Replacement of computer or electrical modules, plus reprogramming of units
  • Faults with key features like immobilisers, air bags and sensors.

We’re not limited to just these areas of course. So, if you need auto electric repair in Sheffield of any kind, please do give us a call or request a call back from a member of our expert team